About Us

Dowson and Dobson Ltd was a leading manufacturer and marketer of uPVC pipes and fittings, pressure vessel and specialised structure fabrication in South Africa. Dowson and Dobson Ltd employed in excess of 200 people in their network of branches, offices, and factories across South Africa and has been trading in South Africa for approximately 77 years. The Nelspruit branch has been trading since 1969 as a major competitor in the market.

Dowson and Dobson Ltd was wholly owned by the Afrox group of companies, which in turn was 56 persent owned by the BOC Group, one of the world’s leading gas companies and the most global. In July 1999 BOC agreed to a 7.2 billion pounds take- over by industry rivals Air Liquide of France and US-based Air Products and Chemicals.

The take over of Afrox resulted in the holding company deciding to capitalise some of their assets, specifically those not related to gases. This resulted in the Dowson and Dobson uPVC pipe manufacturing plant being bought from Afrox by previous employees of Afrox.

It became apparent that Afrox would also be interested in selling their distribution centres for uPVC pipes and fittings. Local businessmen then established a new company named Dawson and Dobson (Pty) Ltd and made an offer to Afrox for the purchase of the Nelspruit distribution centre, which was accepted by Afrox and came into effect on 1 June 2000. Since this date the company experienced a healthy growth in the market and positioned itself as one of the major industrial and mechanical suppliers and mechanical engineering