Spare Parts

Demand the best …

Flygt genuine Spare Parts
ITT Flygt genuine spare parts are designed and manufactured to assure maximum performance of Flygt products under almost any conditions. Our demand for high quality means you can always be sure that Flygt genuine spare parts will keep your pumps and mixers running at peak performance.

Spare parts availability
With more than 50 years of experience, Flygt has a nationwide network of strategically placed sales locations providing a local service throughout the country. They are fully equipped with specialised tools and spare parts inventory.

We guarantee availability of spare parts up to 20 years after we stop production of a pump model. This is just one of the ways in which Flygt meets its long-term commitment to customers.

Service kits (Basic Repair kits, N-Pump kits, O-Ring kits)
Supplying spare parts in kits offers the following advantages:

  • simpler handling
  • lower cost per item
  • time savings
  • guaranteed Flygt quality of all spare parts included

How to find the right part?
Care & Maintenance manuals and Spare Parts lists can help you in determining what you need. Our service specialists are trained in accordance with worldwide Flygt standards. They have a unique level of know-how about our products and their applications.